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Formulated for:                All skin types that have unevenness of skin tone and hyper-pigmentati

Product Description: 

Target and improve dark spots and uneven skin tone with this active moisturizing crème that helps to combat the appearance of hyperpigmentation through the synergy of natural skin brighteners and powerful anti-oxidants.   Phyto-nutrients protect the skin from harmful pollution and help to reveal a more luminous and radiant looking complexion. 

Key Ingredients:

Safflower Oil

Rich in Vitamin E and  Linoleic acid, this power packed oil improves the texture and appearance of the skin

Coconut Oil

Nutritive and moisturizing, it has emollient properties that soften and soothe the skin


This natural skin brightener helps to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation

Linolenic and Linoleic Acid

These essential fatty acids help to maintain the health of the cell membrane, improve cell regeneration and assist to accelerate the healing process.

Vitamin A & E

Powerful blend of anti-oxidants that help to stimulate the regeneration of healthy tissue and smooth fine lines and wrinkles


This powerful anti-oxidant helps to brighten and whiten the skin while helping to interrupt the pathway of melanin production

Garden Cress Sprout

Effectively inhibits melanin formation, provides exceptional brightening benefits, fades the appearance of age spots and discoloration and promotes an even skin tone

Sodium PCA

Excellent moisturizer for smoother silky textured skin


Apply a sparing amount onto face and massage gently in upward motions.  For maximum results use twice a day, and always apply a sunscreen during the day. 



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