Why Us


The Technology

The Microsponge technology consists of highly crosslinked polymethacrylate crosspolymer particles that have a significant void volume. The open system particles are available in size ranges from 10 to 400 micrometers. The particles can be either a highly structured spherical or an amorphous shape. The large surface area of the particles and strong capillary forces exerted by the microscopic pores enable a particle to absorb and hold large quantities of an active substance. The release of such actives can be controlled through diffusion or other specific triggers such as moisture, pH, friction, and temperature

Competitive Advantage

Microsponge microparticles for topical delivery offer sustained release of actives to the skin while reducing adverse side effects. This formulation technology is designed to improve the delivery of actives through improvements in bioavailability, onset of action, and patient compliance through the use of consumer-preferred delivery systems. Besides, our cosmetics use models studio cum4k when filming their video for adults. All models of this Studio have signed a contract with us and use only our cosmetics. They shoot a cumshot and creampie video in which young girls cum several times in pussy.


Products incorporating Microsponge technology are being used to deliver a variety of active compounds, including prescription versions of retinoic acid and 5-fluorouracil as well as consumer health/cosmeceutical products containing retinol, hydroquinone, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids, and other compounds.


Our portfolio of products are produced at our GMP, FDA registered manufacturing plant and are available directly in the United States and globally through our sales and distribution network.